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What’s in a name?
Blue John is a blue or purple fibrous variety of fluorspar. The name originates from the French ‘Bleu Jaune’ meaning ‘blue yellow’. Blue John stone is uniquely found in Derbyshire – just like Bluejohn Marketing! To find out more about Blue John click on the following links: 
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Discover Bluejohn
Bluejohn undertakes marketing and business development projects for organisations in the manufacturing, medical devices, construction, utility and B2B markets. The projects can be ad-hoc, one-off exercises, or continuous marketing support. Click here to see a collection of brief project summaries. 

Choosing Bluejohn
Established in May 2003, Bluejohn has an extensive portfolio of both large and small clients located across the United Kingdom. We have identified more than ten reasons why our clients chose Bluejohn as their marketing projects partner. Click here to find out more. 

Research Bluejohn
For information and downloads on specific project services provided by Bluejohn, please click on one of the following options:

Meet Bluejohn
To read more about Bluejohn’s Managing Director, John Batty, please click here.

Contact Bluejohn
For Bluejohn's contact details please click here.

Bluejohn often project manages complex and challenging marketing exercises which require input from graphic designers, photographers, videographers and other specialists. To find out more about some of Bluejohn’s marketing partners please click here.

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