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Bluejohn undertakes marketing and business development projects for organisations in the manufacturing, medical devices, construction, utility and B2B markets. The projects can be ad-hoc, one-off exercises, or continuous marketing support. Below are a collection of brief project summaries.
Client: Ground Engineering
Client: NHS Innovations Hub
B2B Construction Copywriting
Medical Direct mail Copywriting
Project: Journalism
Outline: Interviewing and compiling biographies of interesting figures in the geotechnical and ground engineering community to preface the ‘careers’ section in Ground Engineering magazine, an EMAP publication.
Project: Direct Mail
The Patient’s Medicines Bag (PMB ) is a heavy gauge polythene bag into which a patient places all their medication before entering hospital or visiting their GP. The objective of the campaign was to build on the existing base of 40 trusts which had adopted the PMB across the UK. A distinctive ‘green’ mailer – ‘Open to new ideas?’ - was produced. The call to action was an offer of 100 free PMBs which could be ordered by phone or via a website – – created specifically to support the direct mail campaign.
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Client: Amber Plastics Ltd
Client: Specialist plant & processing company
Manufacturing Sales literature Copywriting
Manufacturing Consultancy
Project: Sales Literature
Amber Plastics is a leading rotational moulder. Bluejohn worked with the Amber Plastics team to develop a brochure, writing the copy, arranging product and process photoshoots, and creating the new design style in conjunction with a graphic designer.
To read more and download a PDF of the brochure please click here.
Project: Consultancy
Outline: Working with the company’s Managing Director and Sales Manager, Bluejohn identified five separate income streams. Bluejohn proposed rebranding the company, creating clear but related ‘divisional’ identities for the income streams. Bluejohn also proposed recruiting a business studies placement student from the local university to help the Sales Manager update the client database, thereby freeing up time for him to research an outstanding opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector. To read more click here.
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