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Is your advertising flat, dull and uninspiring? If so, why do it? Bluejohn can help you create eye-catching, dynamic advertising.

Much of the print advertising in the business-to-busisness (B2B) press shows little imagination; it makes no effort to grab the reader’s attention; and, sadly, it doesn’t get anywhere close to achieving what it’s supposed to do – generate sales leads and orders.

Case Study - Petrofuse ZP
Petrofuse ZP is an unique twin-walled pipework system designed for use in petrol forecourts. In some markets, most notably Germany and California, there is concern that petrol permeating through plastic pipework systems is a major pollution threat to water courses. Petrofuse ZP has an aluminium inner pipe which provides an impermeable barrier, and a polyethylene outer pipe which can be easily welded using electrofusion techniques. This is refreed to in the industry as dual containment. The gap between Petrofuse ZP’s outer and inner pipes – the interstitial gap - can be continuously monitored for leaks.

The objective of the advertising was to create an eye-catching visual image in tandem with a strong headline. The emphasis was on promoting the key benefit of the system – its no leaks dual containment design.

Idea 1 – Condoms
This was one of a series of ideas developed by Bluejohn. Whilst the imagery is humorous and strong, the client felt that this advertising idea was too coarse and controversial for the conservative German market.

Idea 2 – Babies
This was the option selected by the client. It uses babies’ nappies as a metaphor for leaking pipes. To control costs, a cartoon image was used in preference to a studio shot of real toddlers. The main copy of the advertisement introduces the other benefits which the Petrofuse ZP pipework system can offer.

Because the image is universal, the advert has been used in different markets and in different languages.

The idea and copy was generated by Bluejohn
Graphic design by Totalmediafusion
Cartoon by
Cartoon Studio
Case Study - Fusion Provida
Fusion Provida manufactures and distributes products used on utility infrastructure projects.

Fusion Provida is a £50mn turnover company manufacturing and distributing products used on utility infrastructure projects…..and much more besides. The sheer breadth of Fusion Provida’s product and service offering makes corporate advertising a challenge.

IWEX is the leading UK water industry exhibition. In 2003 Fusion Provida committed a major element of its marketing spend to promoting its family of products and services at the show. In addition to bespoke invitations for a series of product demonstrations, Fusion Provida also used advertising to make existing and potential clients aware of their presence at the show.

The black and white image combined with the headline are designed to grab the readers attention, and the conversation between the two girls creates an environment in which the key messages can be put across in an interesting and offbeat way. The body copy provides ‘calls to action’ for both IWEX visitors and non-visitors.

The idea, copy and photo selection was by Bluejohn
Graphic design by Totalmediafusion

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