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Do all your publications, packaging, product design, promotional materials and selling activities work together to build your brand? If not, you may be giving away valuable profit margin – the margin which pays your suppliers, your wages, the tax man...

Bluejohn can work with you to create effective brand strategies which add value to your business.

Case Study - Turriff Contractors Ltd
Over the past ten years Turriff Contractors Ltd (Turriff) has grown from being a regional gas contractor in the Grampian area to become one of Scotland’s leading utility infrastructure companies. Like many fast-developing companies, Turriff’s original branding had fallen out of step with its new status. 

Bluejohn worked with the Turriff management team to create a brand image which reflects its core values and aspirations. The new branding is clean cut, distinctive and upbeat – it is also pratical and has been extended to all facets of Turriff’s operations from its fleet of site vehicles to standard Power Point templates.

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