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Would you like a fresh perspective on a marketing or business development challenge?

Bluejohn works with clients to analyse marketing, sales and business development issues, and develop and implement solutions.

Listed below are some of the more common issues encoutered by Bluejohn during consultancy projects: do any of them apply to your organisation?

Loss of focus due to rapid growth
Understandable, but needs rectifying quickly otherwise costs could run out of control. Bluejohn can work with you to bring clarity to your marketing strategy.
Poorly designed and out-of-date client contact databases
Probably a company’s most valuable marketing asset. You wouldn’t neglect the maintenance of your car engine would you? Bluejohn can work with you to make your client contact database an asset – and then sweat it.
‘We’ve always done it this way’
But it’s not working now. Bluejohn can help you generate new perspectives on existing markets.
Bland marketing communications
If it doesn’t excite you, it won’t interest the customer. Bluejohn can help you reinvigorate your branding.
Over-reliance on a small group of clients
Bluejohn can work with you to broaden your horizons.
Trying to be all things to all clients
Which are your profitable clients? What can you do to make the others profitable? Bluejohn can help you focus on profit rather than turnover.
Cost plus pricing
Do you price effectively? Have you thought about using ‘dollarisation’ as a key factor in your pricing strategy? If not, you could be letting your clients ‘steal’ your profits from you without even knowing it. Bluejohn can help you optimise your pricing strategy.
Case Study
Specialist plant and processing company
South Yorkshire

Acknowledged as a leading company in a highly specialised international niche market – but not making any money! Bluejohn identified that the company had five separate income streams: consultancy, plant design and manufacture, processing, research and development, and special projects. However, these were not clearly defined on the company’s website, product literature, or newsletter.

Working with the company’s Managing Director and Sales Manager, Bluejohn proposed rebranding the company, creating clear but related ‘divisional’ identities for the five income streams.

Bluejohn also undertook a research exercise on the company’s client database and found that almost 50% of the contacts were fully or partially obsolete. Bluejohn proposed recruiting a business studies placement student from the local university to help the Sales Manager update the database and take over other everyday tasks. The aim was to free up time to allow the Sales Manager to research and develop an outstanding opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector.

The implementation of the proposed strategy is ongoing.

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