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Do you have products and services which your clients and potential clients would benefit from knowing about? If so, what are you doing about it? Bluejohn can help you raise the profile of your company and your products and services.

It’s easy to dismiss ‘direct mail’ as the unsollicited bumph you receive through your letterbox at home. It’s sadly true that even most B2B direct mail is ill-conceived, uninspired and misses its intended target.

Like all successful communications, good direct mail typically follows the AIDA principles:

Attention – Immediately grab the recipient’s attention. Don’t be just another boring envelope.
Interest – State your proposition clearly and concisely. Show you understand the recipient’s ‘problem’ which your product or service can solve
Desire – Develop your proposition so that the recipient wants to know more – maybe even make an immediate purchase.
Action – Explain, clearly and simply, the action the recipient can take to satisfy their ‘desire’. This may be a website, phone line, Freepost response card. You could consider helping the recipient overcome their inertia by rewarding them with an incentive if they respond.

Bluejohn can work with you to devise effective direct mail campaigns. Specific services include campaign design, building mailing lists, mailer copy and layout, response mechanisms and mailer fulfilment.

Case Study - NHS Innovations EastMidlands: Patients’ Medicines Bag

‘What’s green, simple to implement, significantly increases your patients’ safety, and cuts your costs?’

The NHS drugs bill is rising every year. There are ongoing projects trying to identify ways in which ‘medicines management’ can be made more effective and efficient.

The patients’ medicines bag (PMB) was developed by a team at Nottingham University Hospital Trust led by Mary Green. Put simply, the PMB is a heavy gauge polythene bag into which a patient places all their medication before entering hospital or visiting their GP. The PMB – and the guidance notes which help NHS Trusts implement the PMB system – facilitates quicker and more accurate hospital admissions, allows patients to self-administer drugs on the ward, and reduces duplication and over-prescribing.

The objective of the direct mail campaign was to build on the existing base of 40 trusts which had adopted the PMB acros the UK. A distinctive ‘green’ mailer – ‘Open to new ideas?’ - was produced to grab attention and initial interest was established  through a series of quotes on the reverse. As the recipient opened the mailer, the story of the benefits of the PMB unfolded to create ‘desire’. The call to action was an offer of 100 free PMBs which could be ordered by phone or via a website – – created specifically to support the direct mail campaign.

Using contact data supplied by medical specialists, Binleys, the mailer was sent to 1,500 contacts including Trust Chief Executives, Strategic Health Authorities, and Chief Pharmacists

Production team:
Project management, mailer copy, ideas, client liaison Bluejohn Marketing Ltd
Photography Image Factory Ltd
Mailer design and printing Oakleaf Graphics Ltd
Contact data Binleys Ltd

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