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What do you understand by the term e-marketing? Websites? E-mail? Have you ever stopped to consider whether you could use text messaging, blogging or podcasts as part of your marketing strategy?

Many B2B organisations assume that e-marketing is only applicable to consumer marketing. But think about the following ideas for a moment:

Could you email your newsletter to your customers rather than post it? This would allow you to include links back to your website, to drive ‘traffic’ to the key areas you’re wanting to promote.
Rather than a newsletter, you could consider emailing your customers short extracts from newsletter stories with a link back to the full story on the website. You could then track who clicks on which link – and follow up accordingly.
If you’ve organised a seminar or workshop, you could text delegates the day before to remind them of the time and location.
Do you ever sell off surplus or obsolete stock? You could consider using e-bay as a ‘distribution’ route. Alternatively you could text potential buyers with the details.
Do you have a special event you want to promote? Why not set up a dedicated website which you can advertise on letters, invoices, direct mail, emails……
e-marketing may not be right for you at the moment, but it pays to keep abreast of the latest techniques. Bluejohn, working together with technical partners, can help you make the most of e-marketingh opportunities.
Case Study - Training Company
Launch of new training facility in Kent

There is a national shortage of trained operatives in the UK utility sector. Bluejohn’s client joined forces with two of Britain’s leading contractors to develop a training facility near Drtaford in Kent with the primary purpose of training long-term unemployed people in pipelaying skills.

Supported by the Government, the facility was to be opened by the Energy Minister and senior executives from the gas and water companies were invited as well as representatives from the relevant government agencies.

A dedicated website was established to support the opening and included details of the new facility, directions, biographies of the key dignatries, running order of the day and much more. Links to the site were sent to all invitees, so that even those who were unable to attend would be exposed to the key messages.

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