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Does your company attend exhibitions? If so, does your stand clearly define what makes you different from your competition? Is your stand team trained, enthused and ready to sell? Have you established the procedures for responding to enquiries so that you maximise your return on investment? If not, then you might as well be pouring money down a drain.

Bluejohn can help you maximise your exhibition investment.

When your organisation take a stand at an exhibition does it tend to focus all its attention – and resources – on the stand and exhibits? Whilst these are undoubtedly important, they form just part of the strategy needed to ensure a successful show. For example, don’t delegate sole responsibilty for attracting visitors to the event organisers: the onus of action is on you to make existing and potential clients aware of your presence at the show.

Bluejohn can help you with planning and implementing your exhibition strategy - from identifying and contacting target clients before the show, to designing and implementing response mechanisms for visitors after the event.

You can read more about Bluejohn’s approach to exhibitions by downloading an article which has appeared in both ‘Fire and Fireplaces’ magazine and ‘WET News’. To download please click here.

Bluejohn has provided reviews of the past three ‘Hearth and Home’ shows for its organisers, Fireplace Marketing. These reviews may provide you with further hints and tips as to how to make an impact at an exhibition.

Download a copy of the review featured in Hearth and Homes 2005
Download a copy of the review featured in Hearth and Homes 2006
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