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Are there new markets you would like to research? Have you identified new product and service niches which could give you a competitive edge?  If so, research them now before your competitors do. Bluejohn can help you research and analyse new markets, product and service opportunities, your competitors and much more. 

Bluejohn uses both primary and secondary market research techniques. Secondary techniques involve searching through existing published material – websites, journals, reports, statistics - to extract relevant data. Primary techniques such as face-to-face meetings, interviews and phone calls are used when seeking to identify and confirm specific research findings. 

Bluejohn seeks to provide its market research clients with concise and accurate data supplemented by analysis and, where appropriate, recommendations. 

Case Studies 
Market research reports provide clients with valuable confidential information. Only in circumstances where the information has lost its commercial value is a Bluejohn client likely to allow it to be pubished on this website. A brief list of some of the topics researched by Bluejohn is given below:
UK Landfill Industry (Leachate and landfill gas extraction)
Construction Railway drainage
Medical HIV rapid assay test kits
Medical The use of chemical spill kits in embalming
Medical A software-based treatment for stammering
Medical The use of virtual reality techniques in the treatment of stammering
Manufacturing Pipeline systems in the UK compressed air market
Utilites Trade associations in the construction and utility sectors
Construction Corrosion under insulation (CUI) – repair techniques
Construction Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) – repair techniques
Manufacturing Brass compression fittings in the UK water industry
Medical Pelvic floor exercisers
Medical Disposable paper modesty garments for use in smear testing procdeures
B2B The attitude of DNOs (District Network Operators) to partnering as the basis for awarding maintenance contracts
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