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Have you developed a new product or service recently? If you have, do your current and existing customer know about it?

Are you working on a prestigious project? If you are, shouldn’t your current and existing customers know about it? You may even want to attract new suppliers.

Do you struggle for sales in certain territories? Are you looking for a new distributor or agent?

Would you like to raise your profile in your local community to make it easier to recruit staff?

Bluejohn works with its clients to develop engaging and interesting PR stories which help to achieve business objectives like those outlined above. Whilst copy is extremely important, you must not underestimate the vital role which strong photographs and visuals play in generating successful PR. As a general rule – photographs attract the reader, and the copy does the selling. Too often exciting news stories are compromised by ill-conceived ‘amateur’ photography. Whilst it’s true that modern digital cameras are easy to use, this does not mean that responsibility for PR photos should be delegated to the sales force!

Even if you have strong copy supported by good photography it does not mean that you will automatically maximise the PR potential of a story. This requires a knowledge and understanding of the titles in a given market and, more importantly,  the regular contact with the editor and journalists from these titles which Bluejohn is able to provide.

Case Study - Rock Solutions
Ground Engineering
Rock Solutions specialises in stabilising steep rock faces and soil slopes. Despite the specialised nature of the work, often requiring rope access techniques and specially adapted drilling rigs, Rock Solutions has several competitors in the UK market.

One factor which makes Rock Solutions unique is that its Founder and Managing Director, Phil Burke, can claim to have pioneered the use of rope access techniques for geotechnical work and has unrivalled experience. This was used to full effect in an article written for Ground Engineering magazine’s careers section.

Case Study - SBWWI
Water and Sewage Journal
The Society of Water and Wastewater Industries (SBWWI) is a trade association representing manufacturers, contractors, consultants and distributors in the water industry supply chain. Part of the SBWWI’s role is to project the collective view of its  members on important industry topics through the water press.

The attached article provides a supply chain perspective on the regulator’s (Ofwat) price review in 2004. The price review determines the water companies’ levels of infrastructure investment for the following five year period and is therefore of critical importance to the supply chain.

To read the article click here
Case Study - House Builder
Bluejohn occasionally works directly for B2B journals, researching and writing articles on topics where the impact is primarily on business strategy, marketing and business development.

In the UK utility sector, housing developers are increasingly able to appoint a single contractor to undertake the gas, water and electricity connections on their sites. Known as ‘multi-utility’, this topic is very important for contractors, consultants and distributors as well as developers.

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