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Do you have problems identifying, recruiting and retaining good sales and marketing people? Are you often disappointed to find that the ‘star’ you interviewed doesn’t live up to expectations?

Bluejohn can work with you to identify and recruit the right sales and marketing people for your organisation – from graduate recruitment to board appointments. The true cost of employing an experienced marketing manager over a ten year period can be over £500,000 – so it’s worth getting the decision right.

When recruiting, many organisations rely solely on CVs, application forms and interviews: nobody is better than their CV, and everybody can practice their interview techniques. Bluejohn works with its clients to develop selection processes which incorporate interviews but also take candidates out of their comfort zone – work simulation, ad-hoc presentations, teamwork and group exercises – to get a rounded view of their true potential.

Case Study - Manufacturing Company
East Midlands

This Bluejohn client had been purchased by a large German multinational which appointed a young and energetic Managing Director to kick-start what had previously been a steady and unexceptional performer. Central to the Managing Director’s strategy was reinvigorating the company’s sales team. In this case, the client identified suitable candidates leaving Bluejohn to make the initial contact, ascertain potential interest and report back. The process identified one outstanding candidate who subsequently joined the company to manage and develop its clients in Scotland and Ireland.

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