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Are there new markets you would like to research?
Do you need help to grow your business?
Are you making the most out of your conferences and workshops?
Do your letters, articles, brochures, advertising and website effectively sell your company and the products and services you supply?
Do you find that traditional 2-D marketing communications are unable to fully convey the true benefits of your product or service?
Do your staff get as much out of training as you'd like?
Do you suffer from the corporate equivalent of ‘writer’s block’?
Are your products and services a well-kept secret?
Bluejohn can help you maximise your exhibition investment.
Is your website tired and static? Do you use your website to generate sales leads and collect contact data?
Do all your publications, packaging, product design, promotional materials and selling activities work together to build your brand?
Is your sales literature interesting?; eye-catching?; informative?; up-to-date?; well-written?
Would you like a fresh perspective on a marketing or business development challenge?
Could you use emails, text messaging, blogging or podcasts as part of your marketing strategy?
Is your advertising flat, dull and uninspiring?
Do you have problems identifying, recruiting and retaining good sales and marketing people?
When was the last time you ran a successful direct mail campaign?
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